#BringBackKVS Campaign is rocking.  Tell us your ideas for Season 7, because it looks like we’re going to convince Netflix to do it.  But we still need your help to let them know how many people around the world want to Bring Back Kenny VS. Spenny!

If you haven’t read this yet, do it now. Widely considered the best AMA in Reddit history (by me and some of my mates), Kenny’s AMA is actually really interesting and goes into tons of questions you’ve probably always had (what happened to Goldstein? did you really irradiate Spenny? etc)

Just fucking read it.

You guys know I have an ask button, right?

You know what’d be a good thing to send to me? Your ideas for competitions for Season 7!

What do you think the two should do in the (hopefully) upcoming season? I’ve heard a few good possibilities—who can fly the furthest in a bird suit, for example.

Do you have any crazy ideas? Let me know!

(also, Kenny follows this blog now. Hi Kenny!)

The HuffPost wrote an article about the possible return of KVS. The least you could do is click on it and give them hits, showing how many people want to see Kenny and Retard back!

Hi fucklords!

I haven’t updated this in a little bit, but I thought now would be the perfect time.

That’s because Kenny is spearheading a huge social media campaign to get Netflix to fund a Season 7 of KVS, and at this point in time, it’s looking like it might be successful!

Want to help? I hope so, or you can fuck right off. Just tweet at @netflix and @netflix_ca asking them to BRING BACK KENNY VS SPENNY, and add the hashtag #BringBackKVS. This shit is actually trending!

Then go to Facebook, and post a status using #BringBackKVS. Remember that Facebook has hashtags too!

Don’t be a shitcunt—support KVS! If we all band together and let Netflix how much we want to see our favourite Canadian frenemies doing new competitions, we might just get a season 7!


Adolph Shitler
from Kenny vs Spenny - Season 5 - Episode 8 - Who’s The Better Jew


Adolph Shitler

from Kenny vs Spenny - Season 5 - Episode 8 - Who’s The Better Jew